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BioActive Raspberry

Is the BioActive Raspberry Ketones trial a scam?

BioActive Raspberry Ketones is the newest weight loss supplement in the market today. Like many other diet pills, this product is composed mainly of raspberry ketones but is also packed with other known slimming agents.

If you are looking for a “herbal” weight loss remedy, then you have to try raspberry ketones because it is one of the most touted weight loss fruit in the industry today.

But since this pill is a new product, can it deliver results? What are its advantages over other famous brands? Find out more in this short but detailed review.

What is BioActive Raspberry Ketones?

BioActive Raspberry Ketones is owned by a company with the same name (though it is not completely disclosed in its official website) but is most likely associated to BizProfits, an affiliate marketing company.

Like many other raspberry ketone brands in the industry, BioActive Raspberry Ketones offers the power of raspberries and its other key ingredients that are all from natural extracts that promotes weight loss.

Some of the health benefits claims of BioActive Raspberry Ketones includes the following:



  • Powerful fat burning
  • Appetite reduction
  • Provides antioxidants
  • Supports energy and metabolic increase


Official site BioActive Raspberry

The company behind this diet pill claims that each of its capsule delivers high levels of fat-burning agents that are carefully formulated to produce positive results, not side effects. This is also the reason why this brand is marketed as a “side effects-free” diet pill.

Plus, BioActive Raspberry Ketones encourages you to combine regular exercise and sensible diet to help you achieve significant weight loss.

Though this type of claims are usual in the industry of diet pills, you can’t erase the fact that each of us have different reactions to supplements which leads to various results.

BioActive Raspberry Ketones Ingredients

As mentioned above, BioActive Raspberry Ketones doesn’t just offer ketones but is also packed with natural extracts such as acai berry, African mango, resveratrol, green tea extracts and apple cider vinegar.

Each capsule features a whooping 1,200mg of these six powerful herb extracts. Aside from these extracts, BioActive Raspberry Ketones also offers small dosages of caffeine anhydrous, kelp and grapefruit.

Its inactive ingredients include vegetable cellulose for its capsules. Each bottle contains 60 capsules that is good for a month supply (2 capsules per day = 1 serving).

How does BioActive Raspberry Ketones Work?

There are little information that can be found on this product’s official website, though its ingredients are transparently published which gives you ideas on how this pill works.

However, there are no information on how much dose each of these ingredients have in each capsules. So to get an insight on how this pill works, I have to give you a detailed proof on how its formula can produce weight loss effects.

Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry is found in cranberries, black berries and red raspberries and is widely known for its slimming effects and other health benefits.

Though raspberry ketones needs more sufficient research about its true health potentials, its rise to fame is due to some hyped marketing gimmicks by celebrities and doctors and some positive experiences from people who took raspberries for weight loss.

There are only a few trials for raspberries in humans but studies on mice and cells have shown great potential weight loss effects. Some research suggest that raspberry ketones can increase the breakdown of lipids (fat molecules) within fat cells.

Raspberry ketones is also proven to spurred fat cells to secrete more of the protein adiponectin. This increases your adiponectin levels which helps prevent you from weight gain and getting type 2 diabetes.

Source: Raspberry Ketones – Thieme

Acai Berry

Acai berry is one of the most nutritious and healthiest food in the planet. They have been associated to dozens of health benefit claims including anti-cancer properties, cardiovascular health improvement and weight loss.

True enough, experts discovered a high antioxidant content in acai berries, which proves that it can help prevent cancer-causing free radicals that commonly invades our bodies. Because of its antioxidants, acai berries are also marketed as an anti-aging regimen, skin health improvement and many others.

When it comes to weight loss, experts claims that its ability to burn fat is due to three factors – acai’s fiber content, fatty acids and its high antioxidant level. This claim though is not concluded and needs more research.

But one thing is certain, acai’s fiber content can help cleanse your system that will help remove toxins from your body, which can also lead to metabolism, energy increase, cravings reduction and ultimately weight loss.

Source: Acai Berry – WebMD

African Mango

Research shows that African mango (known as Irvingia gabonensis) can help improve activities of GI, analgesic, antimicrobial and antioxidants, as well as diabetes and obesity.

Research about African mango is focused on its potential weight loss mechanism that inhibits enzyme glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase’s effects in converting glucose to stored fat. It also has beneficial effect on the enzyme peroxisome-proliferator-activated receptor-gamma, which is involved in adipogenesis and insulin activity.

What does this mean? It means that African mango can help enhance your insulin sensitivity, endothelial function, leptin sensitivity, while decreases leptin expression. This is the reason why African mango is marketed as an appetite suppressing agent and sometimes as a support for thermogenic supplements.

Source: African Mango – Drugs.com

Green Tea

Green tea is another popular supplement that has been used as a medicine for years. Mostly marketed as a beverage, green tea is now available in various forms including pills that are designed to improve different health conditions.

This article shows that this tea is has a very convincing fat burning properties, while its polyphenols (catechins) are known to be a very powerful antioxidants.

Through its antioxidants, green tea can increase your metabolism that leads to fat burning processes known as thermogenesis. Other health benefits includes depression treatment, cardiovascular health, cancer prevention and many others.


Do you often drink red wine? If yes, then you are getting more resveratrol for your health. Resveratrol is one of the key, healthful ingredients in red wine which is said to help prevent blood vessels damage, blood clot, lowers cholesterol and some even say that it can help support weight loss.

A potent antioxidant, resveratrol can not produce weight loss effects, but it can help prevent you from gaining weight and protects you against diabetes.

Source: Red Wine and Resveratrol – MayoClinic

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a type of vinegar and is sourced from cider or apple must. This compound is not just used as a dish agent or recipe enhancer, but it is now used as a supplement support for various health products, including weight loss.

According to an article report in WikiPedia, apple cider vinegar might have the capacity to reduce weight, especially if combined with regular exercise. This claim is from a double-blind experiment of obese Japanese who drank 500ml of apple cider vinegar for 12 weeks.

Aside from these six main ingredients of BioActive Raspberry Ketones, it also has small amounts of caffeine, kelp and grapefruit which are all beneficial for weight loss.

bioactive raspberry ketones banner

Official site BioActive Raspberry

Is BioActive Raspberry Ketones Safe?

As aforementioned earlier, BioActive Raspberry Ketones is marketed as a side effects-free diet pill. This claim is somewhat over hyped considering that this brand is fairly new to the market, and there are not enough reviews for this brand online.

If you look at its ingredients, you can tell that it truly is safe for consumption as it contains natural and known herb extracts. Its caffeine content is questionable because its dosage is not disclosed in the website.

Though caffeine can cause jittery side effects especially to those allergic to it, the company behind BioActive Raspberry Ketones said that its caffeine content is highly unlikely to cause side effects as it is dosed in small amount.

BioActive Raspberry Ketones is generally safe to most adult dieters but this definitely is not a side effects-free diet pill. To ensure your health’s safety, consult your doctor first before taking this brand or any raspberry ketone-based supplements in the market.

How about its Trial Offer?

Some supplement manufacturers offer a free trial. While I disclosed in my Scam page that one of the methods that companies are using to lure customers in buying their products is by offering free trials, this doesn’t conclude that the product is ineffective and unsafe but rather just to warn you of some unlikely incidents that can happen such as recurring charges on your credit cards.

BioActive Raspberry Ketones offers a free trial feature that may entice you to try their product. Though this is a great opportunity to get a first hand effect on this pill’s weight loss ability, it may get you into financial trouble if you don’t know what you are doing.

The company offers a “free” 60-capsule bottle of BioActive Raspberry Ketones (excluding shipment and handling). Once you have completed the process of claiming your free bottle and received an order confirmation email from the company, you only have 12-business days to decide whether or not this pill is the right supplement for you. The 12-day is your trial period.

Now, you can’t get your free bottle without giving your credit card details to them (this is just usual for free trial offers). You are not charged within your trial period. But if your trial period expires, they will charge you that same free sample bottle you received using the payment method that you gave them from the beginning.

This may sound scam to you but it is truly not. To take advantage of this trial offer, you need to decide whether this supplement is working for you or not before the trial period expires. This way, you will not be charged a single penny for your free bottle. Otherwise, you can stay with the program if you see great results from using BioActive Raspberry Ketones.

Take note that after your trial period, BioActive Raspberry Ketones will charge you a recurring “subscription” fees every month. This means that you will have to pay a monthly charges from monthly diet pill consumables. This feature is of course, can be cancelled anytime.


Review Update


We have received a lot of complaints about BioActive Raspberry Ketones regarding its subscription trial feature. Some customers were not able to get a refund nor can they cancel their subscription even though they cancelled it on time.

The merchant continued to charge the customers even though they cancelled the trial offer on time, saying that the customers must return the bottle first in conjunction with the cancellation request. This is downright a scamming act and we are totally against this type of activities.

You have to consider this incidents before you decide to buy this product. We are now revising our review and we are not recommending it starting immediately.



Recommended Use

Use BioActive Raspberry Ketones as your dietary supplement. Take two capsules daily or as prescribed by your physician.

Do not exceed two capsules in 24-hour period.

BioActive Raspberry Ketones Review Summary

BioActive Raspberry Ketones is a new brand that has promising features and weight loss claims. Its formula is impressively designed to help provide both weight loss and overall health improvement.

However, we receive a few complaints about this brand specifically with regards to their subscription cancellation issues.

I rate this brand as “NOT RECOMMENDED” due to the following reasons:




  • May provide some measures of weight loss
  • Provides potent antioxidants for overall health
  • No known side effects






  • Limited information and customer reviews
  • Subscription based-weight loss program
  • Billing complaints
  • Side effects are possible due to stimulants in green tea
  • No refund feature (cancellation of subscription only)


Official site BioActive Raspberry


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